&bag Tasche in silber

the idea

It was 23:40, I was looking for my keys as I stepped out of the taxi and as per usual I couldn’t find anything in my bag.

I was simply irritated about the fact that among my countless bags few had any compartments or pockets and that, because of this, I was constantly frantically rummaging through them to try to find my stuff. A women’s bag is essentially the Bermuda triangle…

I also noticed that whenever I needed something specific and tried to reach for it chances were that it would be in a different bag at home. A nice interior where everything has its place would be perfect. A bag where I could find my things quickly, without having to look for them, and that I could easily take things in and out of.

So I kept thinking about it: an interior that could easily be transferred from one bag to the next – no more chaos. Finally having the right things, in the right place and in the right bag at the right time.

As someone who travels a lot, my large, heavy bags often bothered me at events. So I began to ask myself; could this interior bag not only help me organize my larger bag and with it my life, but simultaneously function as its own, charming, small handbag?

And voilá: the &bag was born.